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25 Aug 2020
Loma Negra

Loma Negra sells its Paraguay business unit, Iguazú Cementos, which  represents 10% of total Loma Negra´s revenues and was the less harmed by the pandemic.

06 Aug 2020
Ternium 2Q 2020

Ternium Argentina showed a negative semi-annual net result, due to decreases in volumes sold and negative results of investments in associated companies. However, it managed to finish the second quarter with a balanced result despite the significant drop in activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

13 Feb 2020
Minister Guzman addresses Congress

Yesterday, addressing the Lower Chamber, criticized the way in which previous debt restructuring processes took place, saying the Government has an integral macroeconomic program. Out of which all measures that have been taken since the new administration took office emanate.

12 Feb 2020
ALUAR 2Q 19/20

Aluar disclosed lower than expected results, led by negative financial results, a low aluminum price and depressed local demand.