25 Aug 2020

Loma Negra

Loma Negra sells its Paraguay business unit, Iguazú Cementos, which  represents 10% of total Loma Negra´s revenues and was the less harmed by the pandemic.

06 Aug 2020

Ternium 2Q 2020

Ternium Argentina showed a negative semi-annual net result, due to decreases in volumes sold and negative results of investments in associated companies. However, it managed to finish the second quarter with a balanced result despite the significant drop in activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

13 Feb 2020

Minister Guzman addresses Congress

Yesterday, addressing the Lower Chamber, criticized the way in which previous debt restructuring processes took place, saying the Government has an integral macroeconomic program. Out of which all measures that have been taken since the new administration took office emanate.

12 Feb 2020

ALUAR 2Q 19/20

Aluar disclosed lower than expected results, led by negative financial results, a low aluminum price and depressed local demand.

15 Jan 2020


Inflation reached 3.7% in December, while for 2019 it was 53.8%.

15 Jan 2020

Buenos Aires Province asked for consent to delay debt payment

After the Buenos Aires Province’s consent solicitation statement to delay the partial principal payment of the Buenos Aires 10,875% 2021 bond (NY Law) (ISIN No. XS0584497175 y XS0584493349) at the end of this month, Axel Kicillof, the province governor, said in a press confernce that the coupon will be país on the scheduled date, January 26th, (a total amount of USD 27 million), while the partial principal payment would be delayed to May 1st, if the consent solicitation reaches the required majorities of bondholders.

19 Dec 2019

MSCI announcement about Argentina Index

​​​​​​​MSCI announced today that it will continue consulting with market participants on the replicability and classification of the MSCI Argentina Indexes. The aim of the consultation is to assess the overall impact of capital controls on the investment process, as well as specific index replicability issues, particularly related to dividend distribution. Prolonged application of capital controls by the Argentine authorities could ultimately lead to the removal of the MSCI Argentina Indexes from the MSCI Emerging Markets Indexes.

17 Dec 2019

Economic news

Martin Guzman disclosed tax hikes on farm exports and FX purchases

13 Dec 2019


Arcor will issue bonds for up to AR$ 2 billion, to roll over bank loans.

12 Dec 2019

Minister Guzman’s initial guidelines

An integral macroeconomic plan will be established to preclude further economic downfalls, fight inflation, revert fiscal imbalances and solve the situation of virtual default the previous administration has left. He will pursue fiscal and trade surpluses for the establishment of a sustainable project with social inclusion.